Subcriber forms: Can I collect comments/feedback?


I'm creating a form that allows visitors to sign up for our project updates.

We also want to collect their comments/feedback about the project.

Can this be done with a Campaign Monitor subscription form?

I've created a custom field and changed the form element to be a textfield.

This collects the comments but their is a character limit.

[b]Is there anyway of increasing the number of characters I can collect via a subscription form?[b]



Diana Diana, 8 years ago

Hi David. There is a 250 character limit on the field and there wouldn't be a way of increasing that. If you need more than that you might want to consider building a separate form to capture the comments and then passing the subscriber details along to your Campaign Monitor account rather than using the subscriber form code.

D. Potter
Campaign Monitor
dbloomfield, 8 years ago

Thanks for the response

I was thinking that we would have to do a separate form.

Thanks for your help =)

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