Images don't show in preview

I have successfully uploaded images to newsletter draft but when I click on "preview e-mail" they do not appear as part of the e-mail. Can someone provide some helpful suggestions in regards to fixing this issue?

Mathew Mathew, 8 years ago


There is a few common reasons that your images might not be showing up:

1. You have spaces in your image or folder names - if you remove the spaces from your image / folder names, update your HTML to match and reimport it, it should be fine.

2. You are using background images and testing in Outlook 07 / Gmail - these email programs just don't support background images at all. Instead, you'll want to use images in the actual HTML content. See for details on what is and is not supported.

3. Your zip file does not match up with your HTML code
For example, your HTML page might have something like this
img src="images/header.jpg

In that case, you need to make sure that your zip file contains both the actual 'images' folder, and inside that, the header.jpg. If you just zip up the header.jpg, when we unzip it your HTML is still looking for a folder called 'images' which does not exist.

So check where your HTML page expects to find the images, and make sure the zip file contents will match that.

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