supression lists

hi there

am using the api to subscribe/unsubscribe people successfully, but am wondering how i can get at the information in the supression list, as i need to do some checks against this in amongst the subscribe/unsubscribe bits..

does it just work as another list? - i.e can i get the id of it somewhere (cant see where myself) or istherre another way at getting emails from it?

i know the API has a getBounced function, but it wasnt clear to me if that was sort of the same thing (i thought not)

any info suggestions would be most helpful



Ben Ben, 8 years ago

Hey Nat,

At the moment you can't retrieve the suppression list from the API, but this is something that we're planning. Would you be able to tell us a little more about how you'd be using this so we can make sure we're on the right track? Do you want a list of all subscribers in the suppression list, or would you like to check if an individual subscriber is on the suppression list?

In terms of the getBounced function being the same thing - not quite. A user can be added to your suppression list in other ways as well, such as unsubscribing from an email or being manually added through the app interface.

Here's the full details on how suppression lists work within the application.

Dave Dave, 8 years ago

Hi Nat,

You'll be pleased to know our recent API updates have added the ability to access the suppression list for any clients in your account. The full method is here:

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