Better archive of sent campaigns?

I like the fact that you can integrate an archive of sent campaigns on the clients web page (Client settings > Create newsletter archive).

I am curious to know, whether you have any plans to improve the functionality and/or design of this archive. By just showing the title these are not very enticing to click at.

Perhaps you could show the first picture and the first n words of the text? Or even a short summary that was saved with the newsletter? It might be nice to show more information (picture and longer text) only for the newest entry and a list style summary for the older newsletters.

Anyway, I am just curious. Any plans in this direction?

Mathew Mathew, 9 years ago

Thanks for the feedback. At this stage it's not in our plans (we've just not had any requests for it). For maximum flexibility you'd probably want to manually create such a page at the moment, using the web version URLs you get from the archive script.

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Achim Achim, 9 years ago

Thanks for your quick reply, Mathew, i'll think about that (while secretely hoping that someone else requests this feature).

Mathew Mathew, 9 years ago

Well it's not  a secret hope now! If you are reading this and want to add your vote, please do leave a post.

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Capt. Mike Capt. Mike, 9 years ago

Hi, I would like to see a campaign archive that can be posted to our web site that is search engine friendly. I think we could get a lot of love from the search engines with past email campaigns posted as html.

Have a GREAT day!
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coas50, 9 years ago

I just got a request for this type of functionality from one of my clients yesterday.  I'd love to see it happen.


kelvo, 8 years ago

I'd lke to see a few more options for this too.
Personally, I would like the archive list to show the email subject rather than the campaign name.

vka, 8 years ago

Yes having more control over the public archive would be a great asset to the whole application... having the ability to decide what is shown and in what style/format would enhance this feature no end.

Plus I have also had some clients wish to hide certain campaigns from the public archive due to sensitivity of information..... and this is not currently possible I believe (unless you create a different mailing list handle this - which is not always convenient).

hopefully this will be given some attention in the future.

Mathew Mathew, 8 years ago


Actually, you can hide any campaign already, by toggling the 'visible to client' link next to the campaign name in your reports tab. It will also hide it from the web archive.

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mayurj, 8 years ago

Yes, I would totally like to see something like this (sans images):

nabrown78, 8 years ago

It would be a great feature to allow *clients* to hide a campaign from her their archives. This comes up fairly often - where a client will send a follow-up or a quick plain-text note to some subscribers, that isn't a normal newsletter edition, and which she doesn't want to appear in the archives.

rob1951, 8 years ago

I have a client sending their own emails to multiple lists.  They use an archive page (mainly to reassure potential subscribers that the mailings are going to be relevant to them) but this show mailings to all their lists whereas one list is only intended for selected regular customers giving them information that should not be accessible to others.  Toggling "Visible to client" does hide the list from archive but it also hides reports from the client and they do need to be able to see them.
It seems an odd decison to link those two characteristics under a single setting, is this a NFR or is there a work-around?

CCDesign, 8 years ago

One of my clients, who sends their own campaigns (newsletter) wants a similar feature. They want to be able to only list their newsletters on their website archives, not every email campaign as many are targetted to specific recipient lists. For now we will make them not visible, however as stated below, this means my client can no longer monitor their own reports. I would urge you to sepearte these two features so we can specifically trun off archives for certain campaigns while allowing full report access to our clients.

Thanks in advance.

CCDesign, 8 years ago

FYI in the interim I have set up an additional account for my client so they can keep their hidden/ad hoc campaigns in one account, and have a seperate (clean) account for their regular newsletters which are archived on their website. Happy for now, but it would be nice to offer them a more elegant solution.


sanjeev sanjeev, 8 years ago

even if you guys throw some raw html we could probably css that.

as its been mentioned it would be good for seo and also would be easier for our client's client find info easily.

problem is just the symptom
luke____, 8 years ago

I would really love the archive to be more flexible. Or alternatively to provide more info (such as the link to the web version) through the API so I could roll my own interface. Any chance of this happening?


simoneqdm, 8 years ago

I would love a better archive function aswell, perhaps a search box for that particular mailing list, ability to scan contents of newsletter from the main newsletter listing page, maybe even choose an image to represent it. Something users can find old info from anyways... Thanks. CM is great, clients love it! Just had to say "not yet" with that one thing..

luke____, 8 years ago

I have managed to fashion a custom archive using a bit of jquery. It displays a list of newsletters using the javascript file provided by campaign monitor, then I attach events to the items in the list to open up a preview version of the newsletters in an <object> (or <iframe> for IE).

This is not as customised as I was aiming for, but certainly a step up from the default simple list.


ccdepaul, 8 years ago

I would also like to see more options. We want to start using the archive function, but didn't realize they pulled the campaign name. Is there any way to edit that? Our campaign names are not very enticing for a reader...

Chicago, IL

Jase, 8 years ago

I really need this for a client who wants the Subject to display, not the Campaign Name.

Hope this gets implemented!

The only thing stopping me from doing it myself in the API is that the Client.GetCampaigns method doesn't have the URL for the web versions of the newsletter! (either would be awesome)

Come to think of it, Client.GetCampaigns doesn't supply the Campaign Name either. That would be extremely useful also.

ccbcreative, 8 years ago

Would be nice, and seemingly a quick "fix", if you could pull from the newsletter subject rather than what I happen to name the campaign when listing newletter archives. I believed the name I used for a newsletter would be for internal use only.

Also, many of the suggestions here in the forum seem very doable and reasonable. More options in archiving newsletters, please.

epersonae, 8 years ago

I would definitely be interested in an option to use subject lines instead of campaign names. Our campaign names reflect internal naming conventions, plus info about our ad-hoc A/B split testing...not what I'd want to show to site visitors!

Jase, 8 years ago

I also need for my clients to be able to hide certain newsletters from their newsletter archive. The "hide from client" isn't really flexible enough, we really need a "hide from newsletter archive" - as mentioned previously by nabrown78, rob1951 and CCDesign.

If the API method Client.GetCampaigns had a link to the webversion that would be enough, then I could roll my own - alas this too is not forthcoming.

BigSea, 8 years ago

YES!  I need this functionality as well.  Just putting in my vote for a better public archive function (ability to hide some campaigns being my major need, but also to display subject rather than campaign title). 

I can't possibly "hide" campaigns from her that she created and sent herself just to hide them from the archive - that just doesn't make sense.

ckilgore, 8 years ago

This is my plus one to change the functionality for the archives. We would like to be able to display the newsletters in the archive, but not every email sent out (email invites to specific regions, for example). I have been hiding the targeted campaigns, but as others have mentioned that also hides the statistic from the client.

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