Feature request: Cusomize login page per client

Right now, the login page (http://mycompany.createsend.com) includes my company's name in the page title and login prompt. I wish we could set a different login page name per client using the client's name, or even a custom name.

That's because CM uses http://mycompany.createsend.com/etc./etc./etc. in the URL of trackable links in email campaigns. Any recipient, curious as to how my client sent this email, could whittle down the trackable URL to http://mycompany.createsend.com. My clients would like that page to reference them, not me.

Thoughts on feasibility, CM gurus?

Edit: We used to be able to create different .createsend.com subdomains per client; it appears those have been rolled up, in my case, into the last subdomain I created. Will old links still work? Why not allow subdomains by client, isntead of (apparently) only by account?

quena, 8 years ago

Now that a new client is ready to use CM, I'll have to create a second account.

Mathew Mathew, 8 years ago

The idea with Campaign Monitor is that you rebrand it as your own product - like "Quena's email system" and your clients login to your product to send their email. So in that case, it makes perfect sense that clients would ee your product name in the URL.

So perhaps you are thinking of it in a different way.

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