TOC - how can i use repeat toc=true for different sections?

First, my set-up:

-story 01
-story 02

-story 03
-story 04

-story 05
-story 06

I want the TOC to pick up all the story titles (story xx)

But keep the stories broken into sections...

I tried to use the <repeater toc='true'> in each section, but system doesn't allow it - states I can only use it once in each newsletter..


happyd, 7 years ago

Hi Fabian,

It looks like the layout for all of your 3 sections looks the same, so why not create 1 repeater section and duplicate or triplicate those sections in campaign monitor?


For me, I am currently trying to finalize a template for a client.

I have 2 repeater sections with 2 different layouts and would love for the TOC to pick up the 'title' tags to populate the TOC from the 2 different areas.

Did anyone find a work around for something like this?

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