Supression list - Unsubscribe settings

Can some one phrase this or explain the following in a different way? I do not understand what this means.

"If you'd like to ensure a particular subscriber list does not scrub any new subscribers against the suppression list or update it with any unsubscribes"

Stig Stig, 8 years ago

Hi Capt. Mike!
Each client in your account has a suppression list. This is a list of addresses that can not be added to a subscriber list for that client. This is helpful if for instance you periodically importing lists which may contain addresses that have already unsubscribed.

By default, every subscriber that unsubscribes from a list, is added to the suppression list of that client. But in some cases, you may want to only unsubscribe them from the list they're opting out of, and let them stay subscribed to other lists or sign up in the future. You can decide how CM should handle this for each list.


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Capt. Mike Capt. Mike, 8 years ago

Hi Stig,
Thank you for the kind reply and that helps me very much.

Have a GREAT day!
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