Problem Pasting Email Template from Frontpage 2003 to Outlook 2003


Sorry to have to trouble you with this.  I have tried to solve it through trial&error and I have searched online for an answer.

I had previously downloaded one of the email templates, edited it in Frontpage 2000 and once I'd finished the design and text, I'd go 'select all' - 'copy' and then go into Outlook 2000 and paste into a new email, which worked fine.

I have recently updated to Outlook 2003 and Frontpage 2003 and when i 'copy' it from frontpage 2003 it losses its formatting when I paste into an outlook 2003 email.  The fonts change style/size and the images corrupt.  See screengrab of the difference:

QUESTION:  I'm using the same method I've always used, but since moving from 2000 to 2003 the formatting goes off.  Any ideas why this might be happening and how I can resolve it? 

Thanks in advance for your time.

Stig Stig, 8 years ago

Hi Hanover!

The template you downloaded is meant to be used in Campaign Monitor.

If you're planning on sending email campaigns to more than just friends and family, I recommend using a service like CM. It gives you full control over the source code, handles your subscriber lists automatically, gives you detailed reports on who's opening the email, clicking links, etc. and much more.

Should you decide to send the HTML emails from Outlook, some of these tips might work to give you better control of the source code (I don't have Outlook 2003 at hand right now, sorry).
But you can still expect them to look weird when someone opens them using a different email client (like your screenshot or worse).


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