Feature request: one-click to re-import HTML from test screen

Not sure if anyone else has run into this, but I have twice in the past week -- when testing a new design it takes a lot of clicks to go back and re-import the HTML and then get back to the screen where I can resend the test e-mails to my various test accounts.

I would love to have a little button to 'Re-import HTML' that would do just that: grab the updated version from the same URL previously entered and let me re-send the test emails without having to leave that screen.

I don't think this would be req'd for the plaintext, since that doesn't usually require a lot of testing.  But the HTML re-import would be huge.

More as an FYI, my workflow seems to be becoming: code and test using the CM "Preview" emails until things are working in Gmail and Outlook 07, then run the awesome CM design and spam test.

And, totally unrelated, is there any reason the c/send templates can pull from an URL instead of having to upload files?


Dave Dave, 8 years ago

Hey Alex,

Thanks for the great suggestions as always. Just to clarify, while it's not a single click, you can click the small "Edit" link just for the HTML version which should take you directly back to the form containing your URL. One more click and you've got the latest version. It's not a single click, but 2 clicks isn't too bad.

Thanks for sharing the workflow too, if you have any ideas on how the current process could be better tweaked to allow for it, please add your thoughts.

Regarding the ability to import templates from a URL, it's not something we get many requests for at all as it's not something that needs to be done all that often. Of course, if it's something lots of customers are after we'll always consider it.

henry, 8 years ago

This would be an excellent feature - we send a weekly newsletter and every week I send 2 to 3 tests, and having to do all that clicking just to get it to reload the html from the exact same link is a pain. Even if it was just a small icon next to the HTML source that would be enough.

Btw thanks for the awesome facilities you guys have here. I'm now looking at automating the whole process through the api which is really exciting!

AlexDunae AlexDunae, 8 years ago

Maybe I'm missing something... from /csend/step4_1.aspx I have to get back to /csend/step2_1.aspx and then back to  /csend/step4_1.aspx

I don't see an edit button on step4.  It's not a huge thing -- I appreciate that CM saves the URL of the HTML file, at least -- just a little tweak that would:
make testing easier -> make me more vigilant with testing -> make my clients messages better -> make my clients richer -> make me richer!

Keep up the good work... you're still my favourite web app.

Dave Dave, 8 years ago

Alex, thanks for clarifying, I was talking about the campaign snapshot there, not the testing page, but now I'm on your level.

AlexDunae :

make testing easier -> make me more vigilant with testing -> make my clients messages better -> make my clients richer -> make me richer!

Can't argue with that!

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