get subscribed lists for email

Hi all

I have a client with multiple lists, and am using the API to display each one as a checkbox on a form, with it checked if the email in question is on the list

the problem is, that as there are 15 or so lists, generating the page is terribly slow. because i am having to call the isSubscribed method 15 times - at what seems to be a second or 2 per call
would seem vastly faster to be able to call a function which would return the list Ids that the email in question is subscribed to. then can do the comparison locally and save generation time, and would also save CM from an extra load of API calls. i guess it would have to also take a client ID however, or it could get very messy :)

is there anything like this is the pipeline at all?



Ben Ben, 8 years ago

Hi Nat,

There isn't a way to do what your after at this stage, but we've taken note of this feature request and it may be added in the future.

In the meantime, there is an alternate way you can provide the functionality you're after by using a different technique.

Instead of having separate lists, you could just have a single list, and use custom fields to separate your subscribers. You could then create segments to send to these subscribers which would essentially be the same as lists.

Via the API you can then display the custom fields for the subscriber, which could be presented as the lists that the subscriber is subscribed to.

natty, 8 years ago

hi ben

thanks for the reply.
i dont really know anything about these custom fields.
can a different mail be sent to people on the big list depending on a custom field i add in? sort of filtering the big list by the tag? presumably the tag could be a piped lists of multiple segments?
as we already have the seperate lists all set up with people on them.
also would that not mean an unsubscribe would then ditch that user from all lists (well really the one big list)



Ben Ben, 8 years ago

Hi Nat,

Yes, you can create custom fields on a list, and then filter the list by using segments (here is some more info on segments).

Yes, an unsubscribe from the list would mean that the subscriber is removed from all segments (since they are just view's of that list), which may not be what you are after, but you could easily move people between segments via the API which is what you originally were after.

scvbass3, 7 years ago

+1 for being able to return all the lists an email address is subscribed to.

jamesd jamesd, 4 years ago

Hey all,

We can finally offer you the ability to find all the lists to which an email address is subscribed via the API. We're sorry it took so long to appear. We just have a massive number of feature requests, and it only makes sense to prioritise them by how many people have requested them. So this one has finally been included.

Please check the API docs for details. You'll also see this feature in the latest version of all our officially supported API wrappers.

Hope that helps!

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