Image references in campaigns

I've tried sending out a test campaign. When I uploaded the html from my server and send out the campaign, I see that the images in the email received reference the images on my server. I thought once I uploaded to the Campaign Monitor server, they should be referenced there?

Dave Dave, 9 years ago

Hey Julia, once you create an actual campaign in your account and imported the content, we'll change all image references for you and serve the images from our server. I'm assuming you're using our quick test tool, which lets you supply a URL and send it to any address for testing. This feature is really for quick and dirty tests and I recommend actually creating a cxampaign and using the test tool at Step 4.1 for more complete testing.

julia, 9 years ago

Hi Dave, made it to Step 4.1 and sent a test campaign. When I received the email and viewed the source, the images were still referenced to my website instead of Campaign Monitor's server. I also noticed that when I did the import of the content, it said there were trackable links but no images. Any suggestions how I can fix this?

Dave Dave, 9 years ago

Hey Julia, that's certainly a strange one. Might be best to fire an email to support with the details of the campaign so we can really have a good look what's happening here.

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