rexml security patch

Hi --

I'm  just getting started with campaign_monitor.rb.  For the two methods that I have tried so far, I get a warning of, "Cannot load rexml security patch" preceding the expected return.  The only post I was able to find addressing this warning suggested that campaign_monitor.rb should be hacked to eliminate this warning message, i.e., just stiffle the message.  I'm wondering if that is still the accepted approach for dealing with this warning.  Thanks for any input.

         ... doug

travisbell travisbell, 8 years ago

Hey Doug,

I'll look into this right away but I am actually running into a separate issue with running the Ruby wrapper all together so just give me a few to figure out what's up ;)

Travis Bell
jeremy, 8 years ago

You can (probably should) install this gem:

That should make the error go away, as well as patch rexml.

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