Email file size indicator of spam?


Just curious to know everyone's thoughts on an acceptable file size for HTML emails? And does anyone know for sure if spam filters take into account file size of associated images when deciding if spam or not?


Dave Dave, 9 years ago

Nik, I certainly know that some spam filters look at the weight of images to HTML text in HTML emails. If it's too image heavy, you'll certainly be penalized. I don't know how they approach image size directly, but out of respect for your recipients you should try and keep your email size well below 100kb when possible.

nik, 9 years ago

Thanks for your reply Dave. We were just thinking that as the images in the HTML emails are not attachments, then how do Spam Filters detect the size of the email - I guess they follow the image links prior to delivering it to your inbox? For instance in on OSX you get the 'Load Images' button, so the initial email that's delivered is probably only a couple of k worth of text and css? Be very interested to know what you think..

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