Annual birthday card send

I have a client who is a hair salon.
They currently send birthday cards on a montlhy basis to clients. We plan to send e-cards instead.  Ie. One send for people with Feb birthdays, next send for March birthdays and so on.

This is my plan, please could you tell me if my logic will work and also please see the 2 questions in item 6 below.

1. Import subscriber list from CSV.

2. Create campaign and send card for Fen 2009.

3. For the next send (eg. March 2009) delete all existing subscribers before importing March recipients.

4. Import brand new list for March birthdays.

5. Repeat each month until 1st anniversary of starting.

6. When Feb 2010 comes around if I import the new list it is likely that a lot of them will be on the deleted list from when I deleted them in Feb 2009.  If I import them it will ignore the import because they are on the deleted list - *Correct?* .
My plan, prior to the first anniversary in Feb 2010 is to remove all subscribers from the deleted list. That then means any imports from Feb 2010 onwards will import successfully.  *Correct?*

7. If any recipients unsubscribe they would be left in unsubscribe because if they unsubscribe from their birthday card in Feb 2009 it means they do not want to receive one in Feb 2010!

Stig Stig, 8 years ago

Hey Julian,
there's a much easier way to do it.

Instead of importing/deleting/importing again, you can add all of the subscribers to the same list, with a custom field for month. Then you create a segment for each month, and choose the right segment when you send.

Unsubscribes will be handled automatically, so the only list management you'll need to worry about is adding subscribers.


The Campaign Monitor Blog – HTML email smarts to go with your good looks., 8 years ago

Great stuff Stig thanks a lot! Have used sgements before but it didn't occur to me to use for this purpose.

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ghporras ghporras, 8 years ago


We actually has the birthday in a Custom Value (text) in this format: Oct 24

How I create a segment that get the users with birthday in October (Oct).


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