Google CM help content fragments > find Campaign Monitor... oops.

Try this: copy a line or two of CM help content, paste it to Google's search field, enter and... yep, that's right: welcome to A colleague of mine discovered this today. I'm not too worried clients will do this, but still it seems like kind of a leak in the little secret we all share.

CM-guys, maybe some no-following in the public help section on your site? Or even consider making the help section accessible from accounts only?

Dave Dave, 8 years ago

Hey Chris, thanks for sharing this. This is something we've been aware of, and like you haven't thought of it as something any of your clients would ever do. If you guys are convinced this would be a problem, we would certainly consider adding a nofollow meta tag to the header of the help section.

Does this issue concern anyone else?

Chr1s, 8 years ago

Hm, well, maybe I understated the issue a bit. We're serving about 50 clients with CM, hopefully hundreds in the near future. Chances are someday some clever client will do this. And of course it's not just me: thousands of (labeled) CM users worldwide. Before you know it forums could be filling up with topics like "Buy CM direct and avoid profiting CM resellers". Over here (small non-Anglican country, Netherlands) maybe a smaller concern, but on a worldwide scale I think it's a risk worth avoiding.... What do you think?

Still not over OL2007
vince, 8 years ago

Personally I don't see why the help section is not built into the backend after login, hence not accessible unless already signed-in.

Same thing also to the forum.
Even more secrets are open to public here. :-(

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