Newbie here

Hi all

I'm a designer and came across Campaign Monitor and think it would be a great way to earn some additional income. I've done a lot of email marketing in the past but think this would be a great service to offer clients. I just wanted to get some advice from you guys on setting up a business as most of you seem to be doing this already.

I read the post about the monthly charging and I've been looking around some of the competitors prices. Do you have any pointers / tips on charging, things to look out for and consider etc.

Any advice really would be greatly appreciated. I'm a designer not really a business man.



Mathew Mathew, 8 years ago

HI Barrie,

There's a lot of different ways to charge your clients, but the main thing I'd suggest is that you always link your charges back to the benefits. Rather than starting with the absolute minimum cost and working out how much extra to charge, start by thinking about what your client is actually trying to get out of the emails.

If they (for example) are selling a product, how much do they make for each sale? How much would they be willing to spend to get a new customer? If they can make say $500 in sales from each newsletter they send, then they'd probably be willing to spend a chunk of that to get the sales in.

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barriebee, 8 years ago

Thanks Matthew I never thought of looking at it like that. Really good point, thanks.

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