Not Understanding Personalization Tags

I'm trying to set up a plain text campaign and I don't understand how to use the personalization tags.  I want the email to start with Dear <firstname> and to merge all subscriber first names into the email when it's sent.  I tried using [firstname,fallback=First Name> but it just puts in "First Name" as the name instead of the actual name.  I thought this would work because this was the name of the field when I imported the subscriber list.

What am I missing?  I'd appreciate any help you can give!

Dave Dave, 8 years ago

Hey Cogi,

The code your using is spot on, although I'd recommend something like:

Hi [firstname,fallback=there>,

You'll need to make sure all names were imported into the Name field, which you can do by heading into your list under Manage Subscribers and clicking on one of your subscribers. If it is and you're still not seeing the name in the emails you send, get in touch and we'll investigate.

Cogi, 8 years ago

This worked, thanks!!

bm-crossmedia bm-crossmedia, 8 years ago

I used the following in my template and it was displayed 1:1 in all my emails: i.e. not converted!

Hello [Name]

The field "Name" is defined in the subscriber lists. Am I missing something? Also, you write Hi [firstname,fallback=there>, above: are you supposed to open with a square bracket and close with a greater-than sign...?

Diana Diana, 8 years ago


If the data is the default Name field then you'd want to personalize with either firstname, lastname, or fullname rather than just Name. If you go to your subscriber list there is a link on the right called 'Custom fields' and from that page you'll see the personalization tags for each of your fields. Generally the tag is based on the field name, the Name field is a special case since there is some logic in there that lets you break it out by first and last name in addition to the full field.

Also, the field should open and close with a square bracket. So [firstname,fallback=there> should have been  [firstname,fallback=there].

D. Potter
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