Bulk Editing / Applying Custom Fields?

Is there anyway to bulk apply custom fields?

It'd be great if I manually upload 3 - 4 new subscribers if I could tick all 4 of them and quickly assign them to a custom field / segment.


Mathew Mathew, 8 years ago

You can do this if you are importing from a file - just import the custom field values in the same file, and match them up to your existing fields.

Segments will automatically update when you view them or when you send to them.

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Mitch, 8 years ago

Yeah we've been doing this when it's any more than a couple of new subscribers. Bit clunky to post the custom fields into the CSVs though, as the custom fields contain HTML etc.

Would just be super easy for the end user if they could do it within CM.

We're moving most of our submissions to using a form anyway so it's not a major, but thought it would be worth mentioning!

eatricious, 8 years ago

This may be similar to your request, Mitch: Is there a way to add/edit custom fields for multiple subscribers all at once (manually)? (i.e. I've got 100 people now that I want to label as "USA" for example and I don't want to go in one-by-one to do it)


fongyee, 1 year ago

Hi! Did anyone figure this out? I'm facing the same issue as eatricious but have about 600 people in the list.

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