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Forgive me for an absolutely stupid question. But I had been using a email marketing system that starts with a "R"and end with an "S" and is a Juggernaut in the industry. But as times are tough I am no longer with the company that was using this system.

But here is my question how can Campaign Monitor have such a rich CSS support for their emails.

I know some attributes of CSS are supported in email clients but I never knew it was this persuasive. Or am I just missing the boat on something that Campaign Monitor is doing that others aren't?

I am not complaining at all I just didn't think it was all that possible. . . .

Mathew Mathew, 8 years ago


Nothing we do or any other email sender does can actually change the level of support for CSS in the email clients. However, what we *can* do is find out exactly what that level is, and publish it.

Hence http://www.campaignmonitor.com/css

Once you know what works, you can design HTML and CSS that will render reasonably well. See our templates for example http://www.campaignmonitor.com/templates

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northernphoto, 8 years ago

I guess I have been living in hole of complacency, thanks for the enlightenment. I also thought external style sheets were a total no no for email, but I am guessing that if your referencing the CSS on the same email server that your sending it from all is carried forward. . . .

(It is almost like watching color television for the first time. . . . he he he :-)

davidaf davidaf, 8 years ago

Hey northernphoto,

It's true that external stylesheets are a no-no for some clients, like Gmail, Outlook 2007 and Lotus Notes. That's why Campaign Monitor gives you the option to automagically move a copy of your styles inline when you import a campaign.

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