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I would like to shorten the length of my stories in my newsletter. I would like to be able to only make the first two paragraphs visible, and then have a "read more" link that would either use some JavaScript to show the rest of the story, or take the user to the web based version of the newsletter / story with the complete text.

Is there some way to achieve this easily via Campaign Monitor?

Thanks for a great service.

Diana Diana, 8 years ago

Hi Emmett,

A shorter newsletter with a read more link is a great idea. Your best bet would be to have the full version hosted on your website and link those read more links to that. Javascript wouldn't be possible, it's just not supported in email clients and the web version we host for you mirrors your email version, so it wouldn't be possible to have the full stories there.

Linking people to your website is also a great way to just get more people to your website and track that activity. In addition if you had separate read more links (perhaps a couple of short blurbs with read more links or something like that) you would be able to track which specific articles were being read, gives you more specific information about what parts of your newsletter are attracting interest, which is always nice.

D. Potter
Campaign Monitor
agelfand agelfand, 8 years ago

I second Diana. Hosting the Web version of the email and the full articles on our Web site is how I managed the "read more" issue at my last company. The intention was to get readers onto our Web site.

Plus, with Google Analytics integrated into the email campaign, I was able to show my bosses that Web traffic spiked every time we sent a newsletter, which made them very happy.


Amy Gelfand
Gelfand Design
emmett, 8 years ago

That's great, thanks for the advice.

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