First of all, great work on this api, the docs are laid out really nicely and i've been able to make good progress fast , thanks! (although couple of minor things out of date on docs).

Just a couple of questions. While playing around with it today i've been looking for a GetCredits method, this seems like an obvious call - is it hiding somewhere or undocumented?

Secondly, given that the docs are bit out of date and the old bare-bones classes i've picked up to get started are extremely out of date i'm a little nervous about implementing this if i'm often going to have to come back to  for new api versions. Please could you tell  me how stable/what is the likely longevity of the current api?

Many thanks,

Mathew Mathew, 8 years ago

Hi Ben,

All the methods available are documented on so if it is not there, it's not currently possible.

We're putting up new samples as we can, but just to be clear all the old API code is still fully supported, so people who had implemented the API in the past were not impacted by the recent updates.

Future updates should just add more functionality and reliability.

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ben_e, 8 years ago

Thanks for your reply and reassurance about stability, that's good news. And please stick down another vote on a GetCredits method. Have a nice day. Cheers, Ben

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