More invoice requests

Notice you are accepting ideas for future billing/invoice updates.

1. I always pay on behalf of my clients - it would be great to do it in local currency AUD not USD
to avoid the credit card conversion fee charged by the bank.

2. I realise that may take time, but can you at least print on each Invoice that the currency was USD?

e.g.  * All prices on this invoice are in US Dollars.

3. In the footer it is prints "Campaign Monitor - (Test A)" ?   maybe the Test A bit can be removed?


Mathew Mathew, 8 years ago

Hey G,

Thanks for the suggestions. For now, we are unlikely to change 1), since our whole pricing structure is based in US dollars, but we'll keep that in mind.

2. This is a good suggestion, and something we may look at adding in the future.

3. Sorry about that, it was a bug that slipped in very recently, and we'll be sorting out as soon as possible.

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pngised, 8 years ago

I wrote this in this post but never got an anwer, so I post it here again:

In Italy I can't use the billing system that lets the Client to pay himself at my rate, because of the law:
- I have to charge the client for my service, and in this case it would not be possible, 'cause the money come to me by you, and not by the client itself. Then should I charge to you...

It could be a better solution if the invoice you send automatically, was a "receipt" maybe with custom VAT (if specified) or without tax specification.
Also better if the client pays directly to my account paypal (through your system) and then you charge me separately (with invoice this time). I think it is more clear in this way.

Another way is to let me assign permission like "create" without "send", so I could insert my payment request directly (through API) and then send the campaign.


pngised, 8 years ago

...anyone there? No response? Nothing to say?

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