Personalisation tags not working correctly

Hi guys,

In one of my email designs i'm using the subscribers' company name as a personalisation tag, and it is inserted into a custom URL inside the email. The tag is called [emailcompany], and it is used twice: once, it is inserted into a piece of text in the email, which is clickable, and again in the <a href> code behind this text.
The tag works correctlyin the sense that the email says, for example "please visit" (sonybelgium being the correct use of the [emailcompany] tag), but if the link is clicked it redirects to
http://www.[emailcompany], which obviously isn't remotely valid, not to mention non-existant.

I've checked my html several times, checked the subscriber fields, everything looks fine, and i've used personalisation tags before in much more complex emails, never had any problem with them.

Has anyone encountered similar oddness, or does anyone know what could be done to get rid of this issue? My deadline has kind of already passed me by :)

Cheers, guys


Stig Stig, 8 years ago

Hi Tom,
have you tried going through and actually sending to a test list (campaigns to less than 5 subscribers are free)?

There's another thread about the same issue here.


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Tomhere, 8 years ago

Thanks for the heads up.



Tomhere, 8 years ago

And yes, it does only ever seem to happen with previews, when sending to an actual subscriber list it all works fine, so no worries about the deadline being moved up further :)

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