How do I link to the plain text version?

How do I create a link to the plain text version in my HTML newsletter?

I'm having a lot of problems with Blackberrys (now they support HTML) and I want user's to immediately have the option to switch to plain text.

Stig Stig, 8 years ago

Hi 7dayweekend,
there is no built in way of doing so.

The link to the HTML version exists because of all the email clients that don't support HTML. I've never seen anyone do the opposite.

I think I get your point of linking to the plain text version as a "fix" for poor HTML support, although it should be possible to get many designs to display at least as good as the plain text on Blackberrys?

Anyways, if you want to link to the plain text version, you'll have to host it yourself and link to it manually.


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LarrysBrain, 7 years ago

I've seen a number of forums and posts complaining about HTML formatting on mobile devices such as Blackberries or iPhones. It's not that the HTML is bad it's that the screen is tiny and a plain text version would be easier to view.

The same applies to over 80% of mobile which may render HTML perfectly but have a screen size that is too small to view it properly.

Any chance we could have a work around (if not a system tag) for this?


Tom765, 7 years ago

Adding a link to a customized version hosted elsewhere is no problem. However, you lose the unsubscribe link to the database which is an important feature. I'm thinking of using this approach and designing a slimmed down version of the email with one column and minimal styling for better viewing on a mobile but I'd have to process unsubscribes manually

evolution7, 7 years ago

Hi CM - just wanted to add support to the request that a system tag is created so we can link directly to the plain text version from the HTML email.

While this is desirable for e.g. Blackberries, our request is based on accessibility - several clients want to send to user groups who consume content via screen readers and other accessibility technology, being able to link directly to a plain text version is essential for these guys.

Any plan to add it in the future?


Mathew Mathew, 7 years ago

From what I've heard (accessibility talks at conferences) people generally set their email client to just give them the plain text version - certainly that would be the most practical approach, since every Campaign Monitor campaign already has a plain text version with it.

There are also possible issues with actually viewing plain text through a browser to consider. It isn't something we're currently planning but we appreciate the suggestion and would be happy to hear more.

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garethf, 7 years ago

I'd also welcome a link to the plain text version - I could label it as a printable version too.

thermalcreative, 7 years ago

Email designs that are color intensive can be difficult to read when printed out.. A link to a printer friendly version would be really slick!

AndrewWUK, 6 years ago

Okay... I've read this stuff... but why on earth do you provide and strongly suggest that a text version is provided and then provide no way of linking to it... If email client do not want to support HTML they invariably just use the available text in the email... I have not seen an email client that then goes and finds a 'text version' "SOMEWHERE ELSE ON THE INTERNET"... I do not understand this AT ALL and is it causing me a severe headache with a particularly pedantic client..

Mathew Mathew, 6 years ago

Hey Andrew,

To clarify, the text version and the HTML version are always in the same email message. You can view the source code of an email you've received to verify this.

So the email client doesn't need to go anywhere to find the text version, it just displays the text of the message instead of the HTML version. This is what is referred to as multi-part emails. See for more details on that.

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ads, 6 years ago

As a CM noob, I am not sure if this helps.. but I just happened across this and figured I would share..

try adding "/text/" at the end of the URL for the HTML version..



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