New WordPress plugin to display subscriber stats

I've just posted a little WordPress plugin that pulls data from your Campaign Monitor lists’ feeds and displays them on your WordPress dashboard.

It was built with white-labelling in mind, so it's possible to re-brand the dashboard widget with your own company's name.  We've found it useful and our clients get a kick out of seeing their subscriber counts every time they log in.  Anecdotally, I'd say it helps them get more excited about their email marketing just so they can watch their subscriber numbers go up.

You can see screenshots and download it from

Feedback is always welcome.



Mathew Mathew, 8 years ago

Excellent idea Alex, that's pretty cool!

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Dave Dave, 8 years ago

Very very cool Alex, love that you've been thoughtful enough to keep it white label too. We'll announce this on the blog later today.

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