Campaign Approval - Contacting Clients Driectly

I'm unclear how to approach this client now that you've contacted them directly... Your email clearly comes from help@c/, and our client knows "Davida" doesn't work for us.  As another forum post mentions, you're supposed to be the "dirty little secret", how can we avoid this scenario from happening again?  I really think WE should have received this email and discussed it with our client - and responded on their behalf.

So far I've been very unhappy with this whole process.  We've only gone a dozen or so users, I'd hate to have hundreds of clients going through this process.


-----Original Message-----
From: help@c/ [mailto:help@c/]
Sent: Thursday, January 29, 2009 4:33 PM
To: *****@*****.com
Subject: RE: Client campaign pending approval

Hi Mark,

Thanks for your approval request. regarding the people who are not
customers, when they gave you their contact information did they give you
permission to be added to your mailing list and contacted about this
specific topic?

Davida Fernandez
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Mathew Mathew, 8 years ago

Hey Brad,

Sorry for any confusion. We definitely do not contact your client directly - we've checked our records, and this email only went to you, as the account owner, not to your client.

The confusion is likely just that we said 'Hi Mark', instead of 'Hi Brad' by mistake. We always go via the account owner, so we don't give away your rebranding.

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