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I have picked a few of the email newsletter templates from this site that would work for my newsletter, but don't have the time to looking into customising them. I can't really get a handle on how this site works in that it allows you to add your content but does not seem to allow you to change references to ABC Widgets to your company name or allow you to configure the links. When I send a test email everything is fine except for these items. If I'm missing something then let me know if I'm not and they need to be futher customised then all that needs to be done is to enter our correct company name, make sure the unsubscribe link works as well as link to our website.

If any one is interested please let me know and include what your fee would be. I'd imagine the work will take less than 30 minutes unless there is more to it than I thought.


Stig Stig, 8 years ago

Hi Ralph,
to save you a nickle, all it takes is a plain text editor to modify the HTML template before you upload it.

The unsubscribe links should already work, so you just have to search for the company name and URL and replace it with your info.

If you decide to have someone change it for you, here's a list of people who might be able to help.


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Mathew Mathew, 8 years ago

Stig is, as always, right on the money, but just to add that you might also need to change the images over, if they reference ABC Widgets too.

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RalphBP2, 8 years ago

Hi and thanks for the reply. I downloaded the Coffee Cup 2008 HTML editor and have been able to make the changes but when I go to import it back to Campaign Monitor I get this message.

Sorry, we couldn't import your campaign content because...

   1. The HTML File field can't be empty

Can't figure out  what the issue is. If you have any clues it would be appreciated.

Thanks for any help you provide.


RalphBP2, 8 years ago

Hi Stig

Actually I've to most of it worked out except how to change the .gif files. They currently say ABC Widgets. Beyond that I think I'm there.


Michael T, 8 years ago


To change those graphics, (like with HTML), you simply need an editing utility.  Here is a google search that will get you started: free photo editing software

You can open the .gif files found in the templates and replace the text with your own within this software.  It might take a while if this is your first time editing graphics, but have patience, you'll get it.

Also, don't forget that when you overwrite those .gif files you will need to zip them up again to submit in your template on the CM control panel.  Windows can natively zip files by highlighting the graphics you want to zip, right clicking and hit Send To > Compressed (zip file).

Good luck!

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