Some explanation on changed approval process please

Hi CM-guys,

The changed approval process went a bit below radar for me. Some mild criticism about that: without a doubt this has been communicated somewhere in the blog or forum, but since we have to communicate clearly (in our anti-spam policy) about this kind of changes to our customers, an email would have been nice. It's hard enough to keep up with all the new features anyway (of course, that's mainly a compliment ;-)

I did some testing, and I think I understand how it works. However, I have some questions about details.

Here's what I think I understand: can you confirm?

-- Large imports (3800+) can now be done without approval.

-- The approval process kicks in when a customer wants to send to a larger list for the first time.

Here's what I would like more detailed info about:

-- What is the exact number of email adresses that triggers the approval process? You mention to more than 500 recipients or so in the Help-section. This gives an unpleasant, unaccurate ring to it. 500 is fine (allthough quite low compared to the former 3800-limit), but why not be specific about it?

-- When a client applies for approval, do we get any notice? I assume so, but just checking.

-- What does the email communication from CM to our clients in this process look like?

Thanks in advance for your answers, will be greatly appreciated.

Mathew Mathew, 8 years ago

For the full description, see but in answer to your questions:

* Yes, all list imports happen without approval now. You only go through approval when actually sending

* We don't release the exact number because unfortunately some people deliberately try to avoid approval, and we need to reduce the risk of un-reviewed content being sent through Campaign Monitor

* If your client answers the approval questions (which come up in their account) you will get an email notification either when they are approved, or a follow up question you need to go back and ask them about.

* The only email your client will get is a simple notification they have been approved to send, that makes no mention of Campaign Monitor at all, only c/send, and appears to come from your address.

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Chr1s, 8 years ago

Thanks Matthew. Seen the help-topic, but your answer clarifies a few questions I still had after reading that. Knowing the background about not giving the exact number helps, it sounds logical and I can get that across to my clients without problems.

Still not over OL2007
Mathew Mathew, 8 years ago

Thanks for following up Chr1s.

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