Send an email to every new blog commenter

Hey folks,

I'm considering sending all *new* commenters on my blog a little 'thanks for commenting' email. Would mention that we appreciate their feedback, and also take the opportunity to highlight related posts, and in particular, encourage them to sign up to our newsletter and rss feeds.

A couple of questions:

1. Anything spammy or annoying about this? I don't think so but have been known to be wrong.
2. Any ideas of how to implement and automate this with Campaign Monitor? Assuming the API will have to be used here.


Dave Dave, 8 years ago

Hey Wayde, interesting idea there. I personally wouldn't be offended by the idea, provided the email added value, but I would certainly not recommend sending any follow emails after that welcome. You don't have that level of permission at that stage (the idea to encourage subscription to the newsletter is a good one).

In terms of doing this by the API, the best approach would be to set this up as a HTML confirmation email for a list, then just add that subscriber to the list via this method.

Interesting idea, and the spammyness is a little cloudy. Anyone else have different thoughts on this?

Wayde Christie Wayde Christie, 8 years ago

Agree on the single contact only for sure.

Just realised that for them to have received an email they'd have to be subscribed to a list already - especially if this were to be run through CM. That would piss me off. The situation I'd be happy with would be a *single* 'thanks for commenting' email, with links to subscribe to a list. Auto-subscribe would be bad.

A similar comparison would be the recent 'subscribe to our newsletter' pop-up window thing I've seen everywhere. Apparently that approach has a brilliant subscriber uptake, and I'm thinking this email approach could work well too.

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