Control which reports are visible

"You can control exactly which reports are visible to them from your account."

How exactly can I control which reports are visible to my customers?  Can this be done per customer?

I can't figure it out.

Dave Dave, 8 years ago

Hey Paul, this can be done per customer. The admin login shows a "Visible to clients" link under the "Reports" tab for each sent campaign for that client. You can turn the visibility on or off from that page.

As soon as you turn one off, it won't be visible to your client when they log in to view their campaign reports.

paul16, 8 years ago

OK.  I found that ... I assumed it meant I had more granular control over the specific types of reports each customer could see.  Like Opens Over Time, etc.

Seems to me that this feature as it is would only be viable for clients whose accounts I would completely manage - as an add on - reports or no reports. 

It would be a difficult sell for my self-service customers simply because reporting is considered a standard feature (it is standard with most other competing platforms) ... so, I am not altogether sure what the purpose of turning the entire reports feature would be?

Just curious what the thought behind it is.

tomatofish, 8 years ago

Are they hidden by default? Also, what if we want to shield the recipients from the sender but want them to see basic reporting?

Diana Diana, 8 years ago


They're visible by default rather than hidden and the control is all or nothing rather than granular so you wouldn't be able to hide some of the information (like recipients) and still leave some visible.

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