Feature Request: Moving Segments between Multiple Lists

So, lets be non-hypothetical for a minute.

I've found this really cool "segments" feature that Campaign Monitor has, so I start creating segments based on my custom fields, like [COUNTRY]. I find my Australian subscriber list only has 9000 australians on it out of the 12000, so I create another segment. I find my US subscriber list has 3000 aussie subscribers, and want to move them across to the Australian list. However, to do this I have to export, make sure my unsubscribe settings are set to one list only, and then import (as CSV), rematching fields as I go.

It'd be fantastic to see the following features:

1) drag-and-drop or other way to move segments between lists
2) editing of custom fields when fixing email addresses of subscribers (people who cant spell their email address often can't spell a few things correctly) during import
3) regex/wildcard expressions supported when creating segments (not sure if this exists and is undocumented).

Love the product, and keep up the great work.

Jeni, 8 years ago

I would agree with Froggeh on this. I have used iContact quite a bit and they have really good methods of moving and segmenting lists while retaining all existing information.

It is important when segmenting, that you have the flexibility to support this, to move subscribers and even return them whilst maintaining their status and opt-in information.

Please keep us posted on any plans with regards to exporting on lists!

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