Selling CM to clients

Hi all,

Life has been good since I discovered CM, allowing me to effectively dump 'the other' cms I was using. Now, in order to convince my possible clients I'd like to give them a tour in CM with a demo-client with loads of subscribers, a couple of segments, reports and all that jazz in order to give them a realistic view.

I could of course show them one of my other clients already using CM but that wouldn't be quite the right thing do to. I don't want to put their info on display.

As it isn't possible to copy an entire 'client' I was hoping for some other way of getting a demo-client to sell CM on? Making my own demo-client with 10 subscribers isn't really that effective ;-)

Kind regards,

travisbell travisbell, 8 years ago

Hi Oskar,

We don't really have an easy way to do this for you, although you of course are more than free to try and get all of this data in there yourself. Unfortunately, the hardest part will be the campaign reports.

At this time, the best suggestion I have for you would be to grab some screen shots of the areas you can't create on your own.

Hope that helps!

Travis Bell

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