Given ListID is it possible to use the API to get custom fields?

I'm working on a Wordpress plugin for a client site so that they can easily post their Campaign Monitor subscription forms either in the sidebar or in a page on their site.

I'd like to have the system pull in any custom fields required by the chosen subscription list when they select the form they would like to use - is there a call in the API that can help me fake that?

ex: They choose 'XXX List' to post the subscription form for, they are shown all the fields that will be listed on their form, based on the chosen list.

I know I could get the list of fields if I was able to pull one subscriber from that list using their email address, but I wasn't sure if there was another method I'm missing.


katmandu, 8 years ago

Many thanks to the API team for adding the functionality I needed:

Most likely was in the works already, but it does make me feel special. ;)


Dave Dave, 8 years ago

Kat, you should feel special. Thanks again for the feature request and great to hear it's all sorted. Let us know ho you get on with the plugin.

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