Yahoo paragraphs

Hi there,

I have the feeling to have missed something.
A while ago it has been announced that Yahoo  doesn't support margin around paragraphs any more.
I stopped using margins and added loads of <BR>s in my code.

Today I found that Yahoo support margins for paragraphs again.
So I feel like I missed some.

But I discovered that Aol standard/basic/classic (don't remember how they call it) doesn't.
Life's all about balance.

Diana Diana, 8 years ago

Hi zapatoche,

Yes, the Yahoo! paragraph spacing issue was fixed by the Yahoo! engineers a while back (I believe in June or July of last year they announced a fix was coming and it actually came out in November or December). What we generally recommend is making sure you have a bottom margin on your paragraphs (something like p {margin: 0 0 1em 0}), that seems to help in most clients that have spacing issues and keeps things nice looking elsewhere. At the time that bit of CSS fixed the Yahoo! spacing issue as well, it was just that by default p tags didn't have any spacing. And of course always test test test rather than relying on things staying the same, especially in web clients!

D. Potter
Campaign Monitor
zapatoche, 8 years ago

I'll have to do some testing again.
It's all about balance as I said. now that I use <br>s for spacing I have a quite bulletproof layout spacing system I can rely on. If I start using <p>s again I'll have to define margin and padding in every paragraphs again as external style sheet are not supported at least by Gmail.

On one hand it's more accessible on the other the code is lighter with presentational tags.

If the layout allows for flexibility in spacing then semantics tags are fine but I find that when you have to be (relatively) precise, using <br> or <font> and so on tags are more efficient.

what about you?

Diana Diana, 8 years ago


True, you'd need to have inline styles in order to have the defined margins work in clients like Gmail. I've used br tags with some success but I've had odd display issues in Lotus Notes when doing that. Then again doing much of anything causes display issues in Lotus Notes, just looking at it the wrong way would probably break it in Lotus.

D. Potter
Campaign Monitor
zapatoche, 8 years ago

Gave it a think again and did some more testing to see what is the support for <p>s in email clients.
It look all good so I thought I could go back to marking my paragraphs with proper html tags and still set the style in the head.

p {margin: 0 0 1.6em 0}

I thought I wouldn't have to in-line the CSS in all <p>s.

Then i checked again and Lotus Notes 6.5 and 7 do not apply margin to the paragraphs.
I will stick to <br>s at the moment, what's you take on that?

It ensure a good compatibility and make it easier for the people who take not to have to bother with proper mark-up and make sure style is added in the right place.

At the moment I just discovered one sue with <br>s spacing pattern, if you check a mobileMe account on a non supported browser, the spacing double for every <br>.


I've used br tags with some success but I've had odd display issues in Lotus Notes when doing that.

I don't have issues with lotus notes when using <br>s

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