As a newsletter publisher what are the potential business risks?

I guess a lot of us on here are publishers of email newsletters for clients. After all, that's why we love CM!

I''ve got no particular problem at the moment that I need to resolve, but I'd be interested to hear the views of others about the following, really just to share experiences with each other.

1. Are there any perceived risks you believe are faced in publishing newsletters for clients?
2. Any views on what could go wrong  - either perceived or real life stories?!
3. How you go about mitigating these risks, eg. full sign-off and audit trail, professional indemnity insurance?
4. Views on where the liability lies. Eg. is it the client, is it you or is it CM? Or a combination of all three?
5. Views on how the geographical location of subscribers could affect risk. Eg. USA and Aus are more litigious societies than the UK. If list is mainly USA subscribers is the risk higher?

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