List Summary

Not sure if I'm being thick here or not...

Is there any way of getting a summary of a particular list giving total subscriber count, and ideall number of new people, unsubscribes,bounces etc for a specific date range, without having to pull down all the details of each subscriber using the Subscriber.GetActive, Subscriber.GetBounced methods etc?

List.GetDetail() doesn't seem to return summary info...



Ben Ben, 8 years ago

Hey James,

This currently isn't supported by I can see how it would be useful to have the summary values for subscribers, bounces, unsubscribed etc from the List.GetDetail method. I think this would be a welcome addition that others would also find useful.

I don't think you would be able to query this by a date range, but instead you could have a store the last accessed values in a data store in your application, and periodically (say once a week) get the latest values from the API.

djwhisky, 8 years ago

Thanks Ben - that would be great if you could get it in there! Would be a shame if you couldn't get the date range in there mind you - am thinking of integrating basic subscriber reporting into our existing customer admin screens and it may look odd/not have a wide range of use immediately if their subscriber lists that have been running for a good couple of years suddenly jumped up from zero ...

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