Get info on unsubscribe from all lists

I have built a module for Drupal and I'm running into a problem with the setting for lists where if someone unsubscribed from one list, they get unsubscribed from all. I'd like to be able to know if a list is set to this, to either warn in my administration that this is the case, so that it can be changed, or to display things differently in this case. It is just confusing at the moment, and all I can do is put some notes in a README file, I'd at least like to give a notice to the administrator to let them know to change this setting. Is there a way to do this already? I looked at the function that gets lists, and it doesn't seem to tell you if this is turned on or off.


Dave Dave, 8 years ago

Hey Stephanie, that method doesn't support that information right now, but I'll be sure to pass that on to our developers and see if it can make a future update. Thanks for letting us know.

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