Client.Create - Any way a default template could be in there?

We have a feature request which we have been banging on about for ages and hopefully a few other users will agree it would be a big help.

We love the fact that we can now use the API to add a client which will make our sign up process easier... except for one teeny thing... The clients have no template to play with until we upload them one.

Yes they can create their own and upload but most of clients wouldn't have a clue about this. Yes they can create a text only mail but that won't impress them much.

So how about a completely basic template included whenever a client is added, or even better... one of our choosing?

Any thoughts anyone?

Dave Dave, 8 years ago

We hear you loud and clear on that one. The ability to add templates via the API was always something we planned on eventually supporting, but based on the feedback here and via email, we'll be notching that a little further up the list. Thanks for letting us know what works for you.

phil7085, 8 years ago

Any news on this?

tobz, 8 years ago

This is a much needed feature.
Whats the point of creating a new client if they can't doing anything?

Please, please add this to the api.

Mathew Mathew, 8 years ago

At this time we don't have any updates I'm afraid - however, given that Campaign Monitor is really aimed at web designers, the ability to design *custom* templates is really key.

You'd need to at least do some customization to suit the new client, so in the mean time, perhaps you can upload the template after doing that custom work.

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adski, 8 years ago


Please understand that many of us would like to fully automate the sign up process as we can do with other email systems.

Basically if we could add a template via your api we could automate a client sign up as follows:

1. A client signs up via our website (CAN DO - USING A CUSTOM FORM).
2. On completion of the sign up form we automatically add a client using your api (CAN DO - USING YOUR API).
3. We then would like to automate the setup of the clients payment settings via your api (--> CAN DO - USING YOUR API).
4. We then would like to allow our clients to use a custom "DIY Email Template Builder" that we have built. After a client has setup or designed their own email template we would like to add this template automatically to campaign monitor via your api (--> REQUEST - ADD/UPDATE CLIENT TEMPLATES VIA API). 

There are several advantages of having the extra api functions requested above:

1. A client can have the option of customizing their own template as they wish using custom built "DIY Email Template Builders" (no designers required to get started & cheaper for small businesses to get started using your system).
2. A client can start using their account straight away (no delay from us having to design the template for them or having to setup their account manually).
3. More sign ups for both you & us (Automation can make everyone happy - Clients will love having full control of their newsletter templates via "DIY Email Template Builders", We love having not to do anything to sign up new clients, You benefit from increased sign ups & happier clients).

I hope that you will look into this further & take this seriously as I really think this would be a great idea to set you guys apart from your competition. Please let me know your thoughts on this as I would be willing to setup a full demo for you to show you the potential of adding this extra api function to your system.

Kind Regards,

My Newsletter System Australia

SelectMailer SelectMailer, 8 years ago

I completely agree adski,

We have the same issue of wanting to add a template (even if it just one) so that we can automate the sign up process.

I'm sure the clever bunnies at CM could do this if we promised them chocolate ;-)

vince, 8 years ago

CM/MailBuild own sign-up process has had this feature for years, so not a coding issues AFAIK.

SelectMailer SelectMailer, 8 years ago

Come on guys... surely the promise of chocolate warrants a response at least ;-) To give you an idea of how much of a pain this is... Sarah our hard working Admin is having to upload 3 default templates into 15 separate new accounts this morning.... and she gets very moody when she has to do this.

SelectMailer SelectMailer, 7 years ago

Sorry to bounce this message up the list again but not had any sort of response yet and I'm pretty sure we aren't the only ones who think this would be a huge benefit to many resellers.

Anyone care to add their names to the "please add this feature" list?

I'm first in the queue!

vince, 7 years ago

First in the queue? We've been asking for this sine I joined, more than 12 months ago :-)

tobz, 7 years ago

Yes please.

Mathew Mathew, 7 years ago

Hey guys,

We have definitely heard you on this, but of course we always have to prioritise what we work on, and we don't want to promise something we don't end up doing.

I've added your votes to our list already, and it is certainly possible this is something that we'd add in some form in the future.

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jamesd jamesd, 7 years ago

Hi all,

Our latest release introduced quite a bit of template-related functionality into our API:

Methods added include:


See for details. Hope this helps.

tobz, 7 years ago

I've been waiting on this forever.

Thanks James

rickCarter, 7 years ago

Great work guys. Really happy you've added this to the API.

SelectMailer SelectMailer, 7 years ago

Awesome! So so happy you have gone with this! This is going to help save hours of work. Thanks a bunch guys and girls.

vince, 7 years ago

can this only be used via the API, and not through our admin account backend??

Mathew Mathew, 7 years ago

Yes, it is an API update - you always had the ability to add a template for a client through the interface.

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vince, 7 years ago

Matthew, of course we always could add templates - how else would CM work without any template uploading ability :-)

My point was related to:
"The clients have no template to play with until we upload them one."
In other word, have ability to setup a default template(s) that gets added automatically whenever a new client is added.

Mathew Mathew, 7 years ago

Right - I understand that, I was just confirming for you that this thread is about client.create and being able to add a template, and that's what has been released, not anything on the front end.

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Dave Dave, 7 years ago

Hey Vince, thanks for following up on the app side of this (as opposed to using the API). Up until now, the ability to do this via the API has been far and away the most popular templates request. But, we do have some cool ideas on making it easy to re-use templates across clients so you can add a new one in a couple of clicks.

We've got some bigger things we want to roll out first, but we're certainly not finished with making the templates as easy to work with as possible. Thanks again for passing on your thoughts.

Krazza, 7 years ago

Im going to add my 2c here to Vince's comment. After almost a week of working out that we would use CM for rebranding, developing a rebranded website, we discover this morning that everytime we get a new client sign up we have to upload the 35 custom templates we have designed for the brand to their account...!!...One at a time too,..oh my god...!!

Whoa...!!...and double Whoa..!!

Please tell me you are going forward with a fix for this...

jamesd jamesd, 7 years ago

Hi Krazza,

That sounds like the perfect scenario to use the Template.Create API method. This API method allows you to write a script in the language of your choice to automate the creation of your 35 templates for each of your clients.

That's definitely how I'd be doing it if I was in your situation.

Krazza, 7 years ago

Hey thanks for the reply, there lies the issue, we are designers not script writers...

it just seems weird, the whole rebranding thing sounds so simple on the front of the site and is part of the marketing of this platform, but reality is a different little black duck...

I will check out the link and API 'stuff' though


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