Campaign.Create html required

Can anyone tell me if there are obscure reasons  for a consistent error 310/'HTML Content URL Required'  to Campaign.Create. I've tried pretty much everything i can think of, this one won't go away. It's encoded so it gets past the 400 error. Now it's like the field is not even being recognised. Is there a rule in terms of the html formatting that it has to pass?

<soap:Envelope xmlns:xsi="" xmlns:xsd="" xmlns:soap="">
<Campaign.Create xmlns="">
<FromName>temp seender name</FromName>

ben_e, 8 years ago

Ben from Campaign Monitor support solved this little peccadillo.  You need to encode any querstring but NOT the core url. What really threw me was if your url has a querystring and you don't encode then you get a http 400 error. You think the solution is to encode since that you gets you past the 400, but then you'll find you get back a code 310 'html content required' every time. The way past the 310 is, as said, encode only the querystring. Phew.

whitespace, 8 years ago

This is not working for me, and it's getting quite frustating now!

I am encoding just the querystring, including the ?.
Campaign Monitor are requesting the URL exactly as given - without un-encoding the querystring!


Am I missing something here?
Thanks, A.

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