custom log in page for each client

how can we create a custom log in page for our clients? we used to be able to incorporate their logo at the top of the log in page with the old Campaign Monitor. is this still an option? we are only finding the ability to customize the forward to a friend window, subscriber preferences window, unsubscribe window and the like. thanks!

Dave Dave, 8 years ago

Hey Erin,

Yes, you can certainly still do this. Just make sure you enable account access for your clients (since the merger with MailBuild, you can give them access to more than their reports - they can even send their own campaigns if you like).

Once you give clients access, head into the Customize tab and you can add your own logo to the login page (which will be We also provide code so you can add an account login form anywhere on your own site. You can see that in the sidebar of the Customize section.

erin carlson, 8 years ago

we have been able to add OUR logo to the log in page, but wanted our clients to see THEIR logo when logging in, not ours. we used to be able to do this, no?

nitecode, 8 years ago

This is my top request as well. I don't want to brand your product as my own, I want to brand your product as THEIRS. This way my customer feels like it is tailored to their needs, not like I am selling the same solution to everyone.

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