Misleading Permissions?

Anyone else believe that this is misleading:


The part where it says They Gave You Their Business Card

Where in that section does it say you need to explicitly tell the person that you are going to be sending them an email newsletter?  It doesn't, it just says that if you tell them you will be in touch, you can email them.

Well I have been told tonight that that isn't enough, and that I need to get explicit permission to email them.  I am a member of a Networking Group in the UK, and I have exchanged business cards with many members, have discussed what they do, and what I do, and we have both agreed to keep in touch, my business card has my email address on it, so by giving it to the person that is saying - yes you can contact me via my email address, it doesn't say don't email me ever.  And the same applies to them.  Surely?

Well apparently not!

travisbell travisbell, 8 years ago

Hi Nick,

The key here is less about the business card itself but more about the actual exchange, and that explicit permission was given.

I think there's room for improvement with our copy and I'll be sure to take a look at that moving forward. Thanks for letting us know this isn't crystal clear.

Travis Bell
chrisbfinternet, 8 years ago

Another vague area for me is 'They purchased something off you in the last 2 years.'

I've stopped including this in the documentation to clients, as people in the past who've followed this rule tended to copy their recent customer database by bulk and then receive a high number of spam complaints straight away. I've also advised people who may have ecommerce shops that this should not be done (not that any do now, BTW).

I'm sure if our account got banned CM would not be happy that a customer may have effectively been scraping addresses from their ecomm, ebay and paypal accounts because the did not correctly interpret the paragraph "By making a purchase from you they have provided their permission implicitly. Feel free to email them but at the same time, we think it’s always better to ask anyway"

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