Email signature linking to subscription page

For about a year our organisation has included a link to our subscription page via the email signatures of all our employees.

Considering the number of employees we have (2000) the results haven’t exactly been amazing but I think they have been pretty reasonable and all our mailing lists continue to grow organically week on week.

We are now looking at rationalising and improving our whole mailing list setup and the email signatures have popped up for review again.

I think it’s good idea to include a link to our publication page at the bottom of our email signatures because it’s free, non intrusive and seems to work fairly well but our web manager disagrees as she believes it’s not good practice to use an email signature as a marketing tool.

I’d appreciate any opinions on this and we'll go with the majority!



Mathew Mathew, 8 years ago

Thanks Martin, that's an interesting idea and one we haven't seen much before.

I certainly don't see any reason it would cause problems, unless it is making your signatures unwieldy. Certain signatures are a very common way of low-key marketing (our support email signatures link to our twitter account, for example).

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