Yahoo moves from Domain Keys to Sender Score?

I have heard that there have been some changes at Yahoo for email filtering and authentication.  Can someone from Campaign Monitor commend on Sender Score Certification, and how agencies using CM can incorporate that messaging into a sales pitch?

Read up for yourself here:
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How do we use this tool to provide proof to our clients? -

You can also check out a few minutes of this podcast (marketing over coffee):
Skip to 6:30 or 7:00min to hear about email deliverability.


Dave Dave, 8 years ago

Hey RedEmber,

SenderScore certification is a paid service provided by Return Path (who we parter with for a number of things, including our design and spam tests) and is one of a large number of layers Yahoo use when deciding if an email is legitimate or spam.

First things first, it's most certainly not a replacement for DomainKeys (and DKIM), the email authentication standard originally drafted by Yahoo and supported by other large ISP's such as Gmail. Certification and authentication are actually two very different things. In short, certification is a paid service where a company like Return Path can vouch that you're one of the good guys. Authentication is a way you can prove the emails you're sending actually come from you.

While SenderScore certification can be a great addition for big senders, it's certainly not a requirement for good deliverability to your Yahoo! subscribers. The key is to maintain a good sender reputation, which we do through a range of practices including our approval system, strict permission policy, etc (you can read what else here). This ensures all our sending IP's that we spread your campaigns across have a high sending reputation. Provided you have permission and your email is relevant, you won't run into any delivery issues and there is no need to certify.

SenderScore certification requires you to have your own dedicated sending IP, as opposed to the range of reputable IP's we provide all customers for free. There are certainly some benefits to certification, especially if you're a major brand and have the budget to support it. But, it's certainly not a requirement for good deliverability to Yahoo! We've already got you covered for that.

Hope that helps, please let me know if you have any further questions.


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