Sender ID failure on 123-reg - part 2

I have the same problem with 123-reg as reported below.
I still can't make the  domain keys and sender ID verify tho. Can anyone help? I've tried different things but no joy yet.
Can anyone help me out?
This is a grab of my 123-reg panel:

I got my domains working with 123-reg :-)

Simply add the key title as instructed without your domain on the end (cm._domainkey), and add the Sender ID as the @ symbol rather than as it tells you to.
Thanks in advance!

Mathew Mathew, 8 years ago

Hi Ben,

It does look like you have set it up as the other Ben (who got it working) has recommended, so it's tough to know why it is not working.

What domain are you trying to verify?

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Diana Diana, 8 years ago

Hi Ben,

I've unfortunately heard from a couple of users recently that 123-reg told them they no longer allow SenderID records at all, so that may be why you're not able to get it to validate. If you're still having trouble you might try contacting them just to get a firm answer one way or another.

D. Potter
Campaign Monitor
bencoutts, 8 years ago

Hi guys - thanks for your replies.
Finally got through to 123-reg support. After much discussion they tell that they *do not* support Sender ID or Domainkeys.

Does this mean -
a) I have to transfer the domain
b) there is an interim solution
c) is it simpler to buy a fresh domain altogether (if so, is there a recommended vendor?)

Diana Diana, 8 years ago


You could switch to an entirely new host or just switch your DNS hosting somewhere else.

Plus, although they say they don't sometimes it seems to work, DomainKey validation seems to work almost always and this workaround was working for someone else just yesterday.

D. Potter
Campaign Monitor
kitecom, 8 years ago

Hi Guys

Interesting one this - as of today 123-reg maintain that they do not support Domain Keys - see below.
BUT, using "@" instead of the domain name in the new TXT record - DomainKeys/DKIM is verified in CM client settings.
Is there a difference between accessing a Domain Key and modifying it, and using a TXT record to modify it? Or is that a silly question?

"The 123-reg DNS Management tool only supports the following record types;

123-reg DNS Management does NOT support:
DKIM (DomainKeys)
PTR (Reverse DNS)

You will not be able to have these records using our nameservers.
In addition to this we do not modify TTL settings."

generousdesignr generousdesignr, 6 years ago

Hi all!

Thanks for the Domainkeys (cm._domainkey) and Sender ID (@) solutions. This seems to work at too.


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