Best practice for CTA / links / copy?

Hi I'm wondering what people think the best practice is for linking call to action... I'll explain with some examples

Option 1: Main CTA (register) not linked, URL linked
Register and see our list of events at

Option 2: URL hidden, CTA all linked
To register and see our list of events click here

Option 3: Main CTA linked, URL visible
Register and see our list of events at

Option 4: All linked (possibly a bit unreadable if links are can't override style in html client)
Register and see our list of events at

I don't know the stats on people not clicking "enable images & links" but it is something that is an issue with Option 2

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Diana Diana, 8 years ago


We always advise against using URLs as links because it can cause phishing/scam warnings in certain email clients (and we've seen a large uptick in these warnings lately). Any time you're sending an email through a system that tracks link clicks you'll want to steer away from URLs as link text and use descriptive text instead.

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