Update Subscriber Email Address

Is there any way to update the email address for a subscriber?

I cannot see a way to do this currently -- am I missing something?


~ Mark

Dave Dave, 8 years ago

Hey Mark,

You can update a subscriber simply by adding them to the list again. As long as their email address is the same, any new fields you add or change will be updated. If they have a new email address, you'd need to remove their original subscription and add them again with their new details.



mkdynamic, 8 years ago

Hi Dave,

Thanks for your reply. The problem with doing removing and re-adding is that you loose all the subscriber history. Technically, it's the same subscriber, but with a different email address. The email address *isn't* the primary key.

Updating email addresses is fairly common situation in my experience with a few of my clients, and keeping their database in sync with the API means that this would be very valuable.

Is this a something which you will consider as a feature/enhancement?


~ Mark

vince, 8 years ago

I think CM does use the email address as the primary key.
Although I agree with your suggestion, it may be best implemented by also keeping a historical record of 'previous email address' for completeness?

Diana Diana, 8 years ago

You can update it manually via the interface though, just not programmatically via the API or via an import. If you want to just do a one off change you just need to click on the existing address in your list then Edit Subscriber and then change the address and click save. Plus you can always include the preference center tags in your campaign to let subscribers go in and edit their own addresses that way.

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