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I decided to grab a free template and try it out (non-coder that I am) and I was very pleased with the results, even after changing colors, images, etc.  I sent a copy to myself and it worked fine.  I stored the code as an index.html on an Internet website, along with the images.  Sending the code works great.  Visiting the code , however, results in several lines of Oriental glyphs on a blank white page.

My question . . . Is this a "security" issue?  I can't see how, really, as you are already giving it away for E-Mailing . . .  Or is this a result of the various codes necessary to make the HTML E-Mail work in E-Mail servers.  The reason for my question is that, while it is nice to point to a web-based version of my HTML E-Mail with <webversion>, I need to replicate my HTML E-Mail "almost exactly", save for some FLV files that stream on MY Internet version (vs <webversion>, which is an exact duplicate).  Obviously, it is far easier to create a web-based copy of an HTML E-Mail than it is to create an HTML E-Mail copy of a web site - one of the reasons I am choosing your company, but If there is a way of removing some of the "universal" code to make it Internet compatible, I would be delighted to not have to write a second (web-based) page.

If this has been addressed elsewhere, I would be grateful for the link.

Best Regards - Flash Past

Mathew Mathew, 8 years ago

Hey, can you give us a link to the page that you are seeing, when you mention 'visiting the code'?

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