Best email composition app for sending individual emails...


I search often about this subject, and there is a lot of dated information out there. I have found an unbelievable amount of helpful info on this site and was hoping for help with this:

If I want to send individual HTML emails to customers, what is the best application for this?

We use Outlook, but it has an inexcusable system of rewriting the actual code and inserting a bunch of junk MS code into it...

I have tried Mozilla Thunderbird, but it seems buggy and when trying to save templates it gets hung up in a "status: attaching" window and never really does anything.

I am giving Outlook Express a try now, but surely there is something out there more sophisticated than this right?

Ideally, it would work well in an office environment where we can have a network folder to store templates... Any input would be very appreciated here, as this has been a big headache. Thanks!

Jayneylou, 8 years ago

After trialing virtually every system I could get my hands on over the course of several years, CM was and is the best solution I've ever come across.  Consumer level products such as Outlook just don't cut it to send out Campaign based HTML emails - especially when you're sending to a wide range of email clients.

The level and speed of support is second to none and any time (which has been rare) I've had a problem issues have been sorted out within the same day every single time.  The pricing and ability to mark up that pricing is fantastic when it comes to small - medium sized mailing lists and the ability to edit templates from within a WYSIYG style editor means even the most technically illiterate client can manage to send out a fantastic looking newsletter every time.

IndyRL, 8 years ago

I understand what you are saying, and I agree that CM is an amazing product, but I do not think you understand my question:

I am asking for advice about sending individual emails to 1 person at a time... Paying $5 per email is not cost effective and I am sure we would be out of business very quickly if this is how we operated!

We send out MIME formatted price quotes that have an HTML version that features detailed shipping information.

I am considering switching to a strictly plain text version with links and attachments, but I want to explore better ways of generating MIME style emails on an individual recipient method as well.

Jayneylou, 8 years ago

Sending to less than 5 people is free within CM

That being said most of my clients reserve HTML email for newsletters, invitations and mass marketing purposes.  Quotes and pricing structures are best handled with PDF and a text based email for deliverabilty, portability and printing reasons.

zapatoche, 8 years ago

I never experienced any problem with Thunderbird.
I use it on a daily basis to test the email I design as it works faster that the company campaign software.

I had the problem you mentioned when the message get stuck attaching the file. Usually it is because there is an image in the file and it is stored locally. You need to host your images on a server prior to send the email with Thunderbird.

Jeni, 8 years ago

Jayneylou has a good point there!

I have also used outlook to send individual "mass" emails before -as they have all been slightly tweaked with slightly different messages.

Apart from the hassle of changing the Html each time to send this through Campaign Monitor - for less than 5 email addresses it is indeed free, and I would be interested in trying to do something like this.

Best regards.

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