Preference Center Question

Is there a way to completely hide the custom fields when using the preference center?  Or to customize which custom fields are shown?

For example, we've divided our master list into different custom segments of customers based on purchase behavior and preferences, and don't want them to edit these fields. 

It would be nice to let them update their email or other contact information though.

Thanks!  :)

Dave Dave, 8 years ago

Thanks for posting about this, it's a shortfall of the preference center that we're aware of and a fix is scheduled internally so won't be far off. We'll be allowing you to specify which custom fields are visible on the preference center, so you can easily hide those that shouldn't be subscriber updatable.

winethex, 8 years ago

Thanks Dave!!

Glad to hear it.  You guys seem to think of everything so I was wondering...  now realizing, you've already thought of this too.  Will look forward to it.

benaam, 8 years ago

Hi Dave,

Is this fix due to arrive anytime soon (like in the next month)? Ability to customise the field names and their orders in the preference centre is important when you consider that the way such things are set up for internal use are not always the same as how the end-user will be interacting with the form.

Plus of course this non-customisable approach for the preference centre means there's a conflict with the actual subscription form where you CAN customise field names/orders/design - further confusing for the end-users.

And I'm also dreaming of separate (customisable) preference centres for different lists in one client account ;-)
Will be useful when managing sub-brands etc.


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