Domain Key and cPanel

I'm having a heck of a time validating the domain. I am the host and the designer, so I have full control over the domain. I use cPanel/WHM. I have followed all of the instructions and even ran the cPanel script on the domain, but no luck. Your system still says verifying.

When I ran the cPanel script to have it created it appeared with quotes and a semi colon and the phrase was a little different. How I have it set up now is exactly like CM recommends.

The is the domain I'm having issue with. I want to use your system a lot more, but I want to get one working first!

It would be great if your HELP pages included cPanel/WHM for set up. Then I would know for sure if I'm doing something right/wrong.


Diana Diana, 8 years ago


I did a quick DNS lookup of and I'm seeing the SenderID record but it's all squished looking and no DomainKey. Sometimes with cPanel I've found you need to add quotation marks around the records to get them to come through correctly. I'd suggest trying that with the SenderID, that should fix why it isn't validating. Not sure what's up with the DomainKeythough, it might just be that it hasn't propagated out yet.

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